7 Little Words Answers Levels 1-5

7 Little Words Answers- Levels 1-5

7 Little Words is an app that relies on word play to make the experience interesting. It's a fun, addicting word puzzle game for the iPhone that challenges and stimulates your brain. Much better than Farmville in my opinion (yeah, I know that's for Facebook).

The way the clues are set up, along with the hints for how many letters the solution is, it's basically a crossword puzzle for the modern generation, minus the actual cross part. Since a lot of the clues are pretty difficult, I went ahead and made a little 7 Little Words

answers cheat sheet here for you folks who can't figure it out on your own. There are multiple parts to this, so check back soon for the next section. I'm going to be putting these 7 Little Words solutions up 5 levels at a time.

7 Little Words Answers Level 1

Clues Solutions

chesspiece KNIGHT
four-score EIGHTY
piratical disease SCURVY
snakes COBRAS
roller skating waitress CARHOP
harmless BENIGN
something to eat CHOW

7 Little Words Answers Level 2

Clues Solutions

helix SPIRAL
3/4 dance WALTZ
bunny food CARROTS
fancy cup GOBLET
nautical greeting AHOY
orbiting sphere PLANET

7 Little Words Answers Level 3

Clues Solutions

flat top PLATEAU
stretchy stuff SPANDEX
not a nice guy SCOUNDREL
not very fancy SPARTAN
stays away from AVOIDS
whirlwind TORNADO
desires WANTS

7 Little Words Answers Level 4

Clues Solutions

tippy boat CANOE
Mexican sauce SALSA
portable canopy UMBRELLA
sell illegally TRAFFIC
opera star Lanza MARIO
facial hair MUSTACHE
increasing WAXING

7 Little Words Answers Level 5

Clues Solutions

baby kangaroo JOEY
The Milkmaid Artist VERMEER
lives under the sea SPONGEBOB
sugar transformed CARAMEL
splits in two DIVIDES
dimestore novel PAPERBACK
unwanted email SPAM

So there you have it - all the 7 Little Words answers for levels 1 through 5.

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