Hindu Squats And Hindu Pushups Their Incredible Health Benefits

Training without weights is an approach a lot of people are taking when it comes to their health and fitness. Not everybody wants to become the Incredible Hulk. Gaining strength without weights is easier than most gym commercials would have you believe, and as it turns out your own body is one of the most extensive and efficient gyms you could ever workout with. A great example of this is Hindu squats and Hindu pushups.

These bodyweight exercises have a long and colorful history in Indian wrestling, where they have been used for centuries to sculpt champions. One wrestler was named

the Great Gama of India, and history tells us that he never lost out of more than 5000 matches. He was said to perform 4,000 Hindu squats, or bethaks, every single day.

Of course, those numbers may or may not be exaggerated, but there’s no doubt that the guy performed a lot of these exercises and he was a world renowned wrestler in his time. These days, Hindu squats and Hindu pushups are used by combat athletes who are looking to get into incredible shape with functional strength, but they’re also easily done by just about anyone who has an interest in becoming healthier and more fit.

One incredible benefit of these low resistance bodyweight exercises is that there is very little damage or danger to joints because they are low impact. Weights often put unnecessary strain on joints that some people just can’t handle. Of course, some people will have trouble doing any type of squats, but most individuals should have no

trouble pulling off a Hindu squat.

Anyway, enough about these exercises. Check out these videos to see how to actually do them and incorporate them into your regular workout. Strength without weights is entirely possible, you just have to believe that it is.

Hindu Squats

Hindu Pushups


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