Kim Kardashian Pregnant, Who Is The Father??

No, no, not really, and as much as I wish it was my baby budding inside that luscious honey-chocolate exterior, the rumors are indeed fake. I did want to write an article about Kim Kardashian though because this is a name that has been flying around a lot recently, mostly in reference to her upcoming wedding with Kris Humphries, who appears to be a slightly overripe watermelon with lips.

Being the avid sports fan that I am, I continued to Google this Kris character only to find that he's a pretty average member of the NBA team the Nets. The future

Kim Humphries (Kardashphries?) has apparently not only forgotten that she had a full Playboy spread once, but that there's no way in hell any self respecting woman could love a face like that! While this is most likely a healthy mix between my heartfelt concern for the actress model famous woman person and an outpouring of jealous tall-person-KK-stealing rage, I just can't help but wonder what attracts a woman like that to a man like that.

Plus, Humphries is a full 19 inches taller than Kim. We all know that probably won't make much difference for ol' athletic Kim after lights out, but 19 inches just happens to be

the exact width of a standard toilet and, according to a very reputable news source, precisely how much the universe shrunk last year. Coincidence?? I think not!


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